ACP (digital control panel)

Every GMB model is equipped by default with a digital control panel.
Standard features: automatic control board (ACP), key switch ON/OFF, emergency stop button, acoustic alarm, circuit breaker, terminal connections for LTS, RS232 communication port.

Control board
The automatic control board allows the manual start of the generator and to operate automatically in emergency to the public network.
The automatic control board, in addition to the total management of the generator and switching network / group (LTS), it is designed for the full control and management of the generator remotely through a special PC interface executable by cable or by GSM modem.

Majors measures available:
– Generating set (voltage, current, frequency)
– Generating Set Power (kVA, kW, kVAr, Cosφ)
– Main voltage
– Hours-counter
– Battery voltage
– Engine speed (rpm)
– Fuel level (%)
– Engine temperature
– Oil Pressure

– Low fuel level
– Low oil pressure
– High engine temperature
– Battery charger failure
– Earth fault
– Circuit Breaker Protection (III poles)
– Under/over voltage
– Under/over frequency
– Reverse power

Command and others:
– Four operation modes:
• Manual starting
• Automatic starting
• Automatic test
– Push-buttons:
• start/stop
• fault reset
• up/down/page/enter selection
– Emergency stop button
– Circuit breaker
– Acoustic alarm
– Push-button to force Main contactor or generator contactor

– Terminal connections for LTS RS232 communication port


Adjustable Differential Protection

Adjustable differential protection external to the control board. AC & DC sensitive.


Electronic Engine Governor



STR – A site-tow trailer for non-road use such as building sites, big industrial areas, large and remote working sites.
RTR-A – A EU homologated road-tow trailer


Flexible Exhaust Compensator


Residential Silencer


Load Transfer Switch

Load Transfer Switch allows load transferring operations from Mains to generator and vice-versa. Up to 140A equipped with contactors and from 160A equipped with motorized changeover switch


Pre-Heating System