Sustainability calls for a decent standard of living for everyone TODAY without compromising the needs of FUTURE generations– Earth Summit 1992, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Low Fuel Consumption

Hybrid Engine

LED Lamps

Sustainable Solutions

Creating sustainable solutions with low energy consumption and limited carbon emissions are the two basic principles Generac Mobile® takes into account before developing any new product.

All lighting towers manufactured by us are made with telescopic sections installed vertically. This makes the finished product very compact, it takes up 40% less space compared to traditional light towers with a pole positioned horizontally. This means maximising the journeys made by our customers’ vehicles that every day carry lighting towers and reduces pollution generated by exhaust gases.

Low Fuel Consumption

The engines fitted on our lighting towers, made by the world’s top manufacturers, are in line with the latest emission standards.

Generac Mobile® is able to equip all its lighting towers with a built-in generator featuring a special darkness sensor. This kit allows to automatically switch the tower on and off and this ensures the tower is used only when strictly necessary to prevent unnecessary waste of fuel.

In 2009 Generac Mobile® expanded it’s range and added lighting towers models with high-efficiency lamps and low energy consumption levels, which allows to maximise fuel consumption using small diesel engines. These versions allow to reduce fuel consumption levels by 75% compared with traditional lighting towers.

Sustainable Innovation

In 2013 the greatest sustainable innovation: Generac Mobile® is the first company in the world launching on the market a hybrid lighting tower, the VT-Hybrid, with an hybrid powering system composed by a small diesel engine and a rechargeable battery pack, allowing the machine to working with zero-noise and zero-carbon emission.

Other sustainable solution of Generac Mobile® are the Dust Fighters, a series of dust suppression units able to reduce dust on working areas like demolition sites and mining sites, saving the health of operators; and the Wash Rack, a closep loop washing system with a particular filtering system that clean the water to be reused.

Sustainability is our mission for the near future, but is already part of our current projects