VT-Solar: the 100% Green solution

  • Ottobre 20, 2021
  • Emiliano Terzi

In a world that is increasingly Green, sustainable, more evolved and in constant search of “zero-emissions”, Generac Mobile also wanted to make an important contribution by introducing a line of lighting towers with a very low polluting footprint, even in mines as in construction.

This commitment has given rise to many achievements that have changed the idea of light tower as we knew it until today, such as the creation of the first model equipped with a hybrid power supply, the first battery-powered light tower; and next introduction (forecasted in May 2021) on the market of PRO technology which, applied to Generac Mobile lighting towers, allows them to be used in various modes, from hybrid to electric, right up to the use of solar energy, the first ALL IN ONE solution.

One of Generac Mobile’s main objectives is in fact to create solutions with low consumption and limited carbon emissions, and solar energy not only represents the primary source of energy on Earth but is also an alternative energy to classic fossil fuels, unlimited, renewable and 100% sustainable. For this reason, Generac Mobile has decided to develop the VT-Solar, a mobile lighting tower 100% powered by batteries, without diesel/petrol engine, recharged by solar panels installed on the machine body.

The VT-Solar’s battery pack is recharged by the three 300Wp photovoltaic panels during the day, so there is enough charge to run the 4x100W LED floodlights all night long. The MPPT charge controller with which the lighting tower is equipped is both an inverter, with which to charge the battery through the photovoltaic panels, and a charger that can be connected to an external power source such as the public power grid or a generator, so as to always guarantee the charge of the battery pack even in case of emergency.

In addition to this, there are numerous other TOP quality features:

  • the VT-Solar is easily controlled through an intuitive manual control panel, to which an optional digital controller can also be associated to control all the values of the electrical/photovoltaic system;
  • the three solar panels are retractable and packed one on top of the other (using special slide rails) when not in use, so as to optimize space in case of storage and transport, and can be tilted up to 45° to obtain the best inclination with respect to the Sun;
  • the vertical telescopic mast can be manually lifted up to a height of 6.5 meters, and can turn on itself up to 340° so that it is not necessary to reposition the light tower in case it is needed to illuminate a different area;
  • the slow towing trailer is installed as standard for easy handling; finally, a darkness sensor and a digital timer can be installed on request to make the operation of the VT-Solar totally automatic.

The VT-Solar joins the Generac Mobile range of light towers with the aim of providing customers with a further choice from the already numerous environmentally sustainable models in the range, allowing the customers to shrink their ecological footprint when energy use is required.