Generac Mobile introduces the new MBE Energy Storage Systems

  • Maggio 4, 2022
  • Emiliano Terzi

Generac Mobile introduces the new MBE Line – Mobile Energy Storage Systems, a series of portable power supplies that can be paired with a diesel generator to create a hybrid system that can save fuel, reduce emissions, and lower sound levels. These units help to reduce total diesel generator running hours and cut fuel consumption, enabling the generator to work at its maximum efficiency for shorter durations while storing energy in a high-capacity battery backup.

When the battery is charged and the demand for power is low, the energy stored in the battery set is used to supply the load. When the battery runs low or the load increases, the generator is automatically started to supply additional power to the load and it recharges the batteries. The entire process results in improved fuel economy, lower carbon emissions, fewer running hours on the generating set, and longer working life for the generator itself with reduced servicing costs. The unit can be programmed to operate on battery power only, producing zero noise for job sites with nighttime noise restrictions.

MBE units are a more efficient, more robust and more resilient solution while being both easy to use and easy to integrate with existing mobile generators. MBE can also be fully charged and then used on its own for short-term or low-power periods, eliminating the need for a generator. These units can also provide power during peak loading, enabling it to be paired with a smaller diesel generator. A smaller generator can then run more efficiently reducing fuel consumption and operating costs.

The MBE Line is offered either with lead-acid OPzV-S gel (up to 90 kWh) or Li-Ion NMC (up to 125 kWh) battery technology.