GMR Hybrid is an innovative and unique solution, a mobile hybrid generator suitable for a large variety of final applications. This all-in-one product combines a diesel genset with a hybrid power package, set inside the same enclosure, in order to satisfy the growing demand from the rental business for low fuel consumption, low emissions, and low noise solutions. The hybrid power package consists of an electronic power module and an energy storage system with lithium batteries.

Hybrid Power Module (HPM) allows the use of a smaller generator that runs for a shorter time, lowering service and refuelling needs, in order to give a longer and more efficient life to the machines.

  • All-in-one enclosure, compact solution
  • Innovative and unique solution for a mobile hybrid generator
  • Combination of diesel AC genset with hybrid power module (HPM, batteries, and power electronic converter)
  • Advanced power electronic DC/AC conversion with Li-ion batteries
  • Advanced Stage V engine technology
  • HVO-approved motor

Automatic control panel with control, power, and socket section

An innovative control system that allows work with six different operating modes in order to have the most efficient, reliable and suitable power supply on-site:

  • JB: just battery, silent mode for load below HPM nominal power
  • ECO: genset is switched on over a programmable power threshold: below this threshold just the HPM supplies the load
  • FULL: genset always on, the battery stores as much energy as possible, ready to provide power in case of load peaks
  • BATTERY CHARGE MODE: dedicated plug for battery charging from the grid
  • EPS: battery always full; genset supplies power to the load and HPM as backup power
  • JE: just engine mode
Suitable for these sectors:
  • Construction
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Rental

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