Special light towers

Generac Mobile® does take requests for specially designed models and will evaluate the viability of those requests on a case-by-case basis. Also available are a range of alternative products, such as light towers with double telescopic mast, extended height masts up to 20 metres and models placed on vehicles, skids or other special trailers.

Maxi Truck

Generac Mobile® can mount light towers on special vehicles. The Maxi Truck is a six-wheels Iveco truck equipped with power generator and a 15 meters light tower and 9 floodlights to illuminate a very wide area.

Iveco Daily LED

Iveco Daily LED is another truck equipped with a light tower (maximum height: 10 meters) with 6x300W LED floodlights and a power generator to power the lamps and the hydraulic lifting system.


The sole lighting tower in the world with double hydraulic vertical mast. Both masts have a maximum height of 9 meters and is equipped with 4x300W high efficiency LED floodlights and a Kubota diesel engine.