There is nothing one-dimensional about our new CUBE+

  • February 5, 2016
  • Emiliano Terzi

We have recently completed the development of an exciting, fresh and truly innovative, tower light. This advanced lighting product has been carefully designed to integrate a series of forward-thinking features, each planned to provide operators with economical and safe lighting, whilst delivering serious environmental advantages.

Entitled the CUBE+, our engineers held up the existing and best-selling product, the Hydro Power Cube, as a blueprint for this brand new product. With flexibility the key component in the design of the CUBE+, we have given our clients the opportunity to customize and configure a lighting set in one complete package.

The CUBE+ can be fitted with 150, 230 or 300 watt LED lamps or 1000 watt Metal Halide, rising to a maximum lighting level of 148.000 Lumen with 300w LED, or 360.000 Lumen with Metal Halide lamps. For additional safety and security, all the LED lamps are powered by a low-voltage 24volt motor, meaning that any high voltages present are entirely excluded from the external cables. In addition, the LED drivers are protected inside the body frame and both LED and Metal Halide lamps are fitted onto a galvanized telescopic mast.

Departing from a traditional welded frame, the CUBE+ boasts a simple bolted arrangement which helps to guard against rusting, vibrations and wear – resulting in an elongated lifetime of use. Stabilization is further enhanced with four locking outriggers each embedded directly into the machine frame. This means that they cannot be opened, closed or removed without gaining the operators permission. The CUBE+ low noise output reduces noise pollution and its substantive 200-litre bunded fuel tank, results in lengthy running hours and protects against leakage and spillage. As a direct result of the CUBE+ compact dimensions and low weight, transportation costs will ultimately be lowered, as up 22 units can be transported on one single truck. Anti-vandal, lockable doors ensure continued safety for participants at outside events and festivals.

The owner/operator will benefit from easy maintenance, via access to 5 large doors (4 laterals and 1 on the top) allowing the operator’s maintenance teams to easily reach every inside component of the machine.

Flexibility and customization were the watchwords in the thinking behind the design of the CUBE+. The set has been conceived to accept four different types of engine. These include a diesel powered single-cylinder 3000 rpm engine, a twin-cylinder 1500 rpm engine or a powerful triple-cylinder 1500 rpm engine. To achieve optimum operation costs and to keep in line with environment sensitivities an operator can select the hybrid power option. This comprises of a battery pack and single-cylinder diesel engine and renders a running time of around 800 hours on one single tank of fuel. In addition, when the unit is operating via the battery pack, the CUBE+ has zero noise output and no carbon emissions. The special dry batteries can be recharged in less than 5 hours and have a 100% guaranteed charge/discharge cycle of more than 4000 hours.

The CUBE+ is managed via an individually designed control panel, exclusively produced by us. The GTL-01 panel is easy to understand and operate, whilst made to be safe and robust. The built-in generator produces a useful 5.0kVA of auxiliary power and has all the required protective features for safe operation.

Being powerful, flexible and aesthetically pleasing, we expect keen interest in the CUBE+ from a variety of market sectors including; construction, rental, highways and the outside event markets.