GLT Series: the new mobile lighting towers by Generac Mobile

  • January 29, 2024
  • Emiliano Terzi

At the beginning of 2024, Generac Mobile launched the GLT Series, a new range of mobile lighting towers that will progressively replace most of the current models equipped with site or road trailers.

In addition to the desire to renew the design of current models, some of which are now a decade old, the company’s new objective is to create a standardized design common to the entire GLT Series, following a new global brand strategy aimed at elevating brand awareness and enhancing product recognisability.

To this end, over the past two years, Generac Mobile has designed a unified global design, tht will be available in a high number of individual variants and with a considerable number of distinctive options. The final result will be a wide range of models, from the best high-spec solutions to the most entry-level ones, so that any market segment and possible application can be covered.

This new global design is based on a series of technical improvements gained from Generac Mobile’s decades of experience in the lighting tower manufacturing industry. Some of the major benefits that can be achieved with each GLT model are:

  • An extremely long operating time, thanks to a tank with the largest capacity available on the market today;
  • An unprecedented G5 LED floodlight model, now available in 320W and in the future also in other sizes, with the best brightness/power ratio compared to the competitors;
  • The standard installation, on each GLT model, of a digital controller designed by the well-known manufacturer Deep Sea Electronics, which is itself part of the Generac Group;
  • A site or road trailer, both equipped with a long, foldable drawbar that on the one hand ensures greater stability when moving the lighting tower, and on the other reduces bulk during transport and storage.

Another major advantage, especially for large rental companies that will have several GLT models in their fleet, is the increased ease of maintenance and service. The GLT lighting towers are equipped with large ‘seagull-wing’ doors that allow easy access to every component; furthermore, due to the standardized design, most spare parts will be in common between the different GLT variants, and maintenance and service procedures will be simpler as they are the same between models. The fact that fewer spare parts can be stocked translates into an economic advantage for the customers, just as standardized maintenance procedures result in less training time to consider for their personnel and faster after-sales service. Generac Mobile is also the only manufacturer that can currently guarantee a 1000-hour maintenance interval on its Kubota units, resulting in a great cost saving for the customer.

Currently available are diesel models with manual or hydraulic mast lifting systems, with standard G5 floodlights or the exclusive Hyper version. During 2024, Generac Mobile will release other new models, including Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid ones. New exclusive features and options will also be released to increase the flexibility of the GLT Series in responding promptly to all customer needs.

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