New DF Mini Duo dust fighter with ‘satellite’ for asbestos removal

  • February 18, 2016
  • Emiliano Terzi

Generac Mobile® launches new Mini DF Duo, an indoor dust control unit with a range from 5 to 8 m and a 70 liter water tank providing an operating time up to 5 hours and 18 min, ideal for asbestos removal.

This portable, easy handling, dust control unit weights only 70 kg and is designed for indoor works on buildings sites. Unstoppable weapon against dust, it is characterized by the presence of a “satellite”, a second unit which allows two dust suppression points for a total distance of 15 m between them.

Used together or separately, they are ideal in particular for asbestos removal, because Mini DF due hasn’t any fan, so it doesn’t blow asbestos dust around during removal. Thanks to the double water spray units, this small nebuilizer can be also used in those construction sites where the asbestos removal station stays outside the area of asbestos removal, while only the satellite is placed in the area.