N.E.N.S. Secures its Lighting Tower Fleet from Generac

  • August 21, 2018
  • Emiliano Terzi

The leading power rental company, N.E.N.S. Power in Belgium and the Netherlands, has bolstered its lighting tower portfolio with 20 units of the market leading, LED Hydro Power Box, from European light manufacturer, Generac.

Developed for high risk locations, the LED Hydro Power Box offers one of the most secure tower lights available and features highly powerful 4x300W LED lamps.

The Hydro Power Box is the first to market which offers hire companies and sectors such as events, a secure, anti-vandal and anti-climb lighting tower.

Designed by the team in Italy, the Generac tower light has been designed to ensure all the moving parts of the lighting tower, such as the engine and stabilizers, are completely enclosed within an integrated, locked door system. This ensures that the control panel, lamp drivers and engine, can only be accessed by those with authorization and reduces the risk of people climbing onto the machine and vandalizing parts.

The Hydro Power Box’s robust security is matched by its unrivalled fuel efficiency and can provide up to 250 hours of operational run time with low noise output of just 58 db(A) at 7 metres.

It also features the new logic control panel system, which includes proprietary software developed and designed intuitively by Generac. The GTL-01 digital control panel features a multi-language display and provides easy operation with just one switch to control the lighting tower.

Alessandro Rossi, Managing Director Generac Mobile® s.r.l. said: “We are delighted to be supplying and building our relationship with N.E.N.S. power with this innovative, practical and safe site solution as part of N.E.N.S’ 30-year commitment to supply sustainable and intelligent power products to its customers.”


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