The evolution of lighting towers: the technology era

  • July 24, 2019

Alessandro Rossi, our Managing Director, comments on how Generac Mobile is focussing on the role of technology in lighting towers.

“In the last 12-18 months, the demand and need for lighting towers has become more complex. Customers are much more discerning and are more aware of new performance technologies such as Li-Ion batteries, hybrid power systems and LED lighting. This shift in demand and requirements are largely being driven by advances in the automotive, building and home automation sectors.

Mobile lighting towers by their nature must be robust, dependable and easy to use, but we believe that technology can enable greater control and smart use to improve the long-term flexibility and product performance.

Technology and IoT (Internet of Things) can also improve operation, uptime and reduce OPEX costs for hirers and operators.

As such products which incorporate technologies and bring together the fundamental characteristics and benefits of cost efficiency, usability and performance are shining bright. As a global manufacturer we take our cues from our customers who want to be able to manage their operating costs, lux levels and CO2 emissions in a much more autonomous and intuitive way than ever before.

We design with purpose and start with the basic DNA of the lighting tower product which delivers performance, efficiency and durability. We then blend our products with the latest technologies to improve the overall usability of the product.”