CUBE PRO: Think like a PRO! Act like a PRO! The all in one solution.

  • March 6, 2020
  • Emiliano Terzi

CUBE PRO is not only a new lighting tower, but the real and only product “ALL IN ONE”, it embodies all the innovations and new technologies that Generac Mobile® has developed in over 20 years at the top of the industry as Leader manufacturer of mobile equipment. The CUBE PRO has in fact been designed with the idea of obtaining a product with all the necessary characteristics to meet the needs of end users as well as all the Rental needs in one single product, or as we like to say “ALL in ONE”!

CUBE PRO is truly the Total Solution, the only one to offer altogether: the future, with 100% battery-powered supply; the present, with the latest generation Generac Mobile® hybrid power supply; the tradition, with low consumption diesel engines. From now on, there will no longer be any need to choose a specific model for a specific use; no more infinite partitioning of your rental fleet in dozens of models (all pretty much the same, but none of them ever really right for end user requirement). From today there is ONE solution, ONE lighting tower for all uses: CUBE PRO, the Total Solution.

CUBE PRO can operate in “full electric” mode for more than 7 hours in a row thanks to the built-in battery pack. With this type of power supply, CUBE PRO is 100% eco-sustainable: it does not emit CO2 and is completely silent, thus eliminating not only air pollution, but also noise pollution. Once discharged, the batteries can be recharged by connecting the lighting tower to the power grid, to a generating est or by using the backup generator inside the lighting tower itself. The “full electric” power mode is recommended for applications where total silence is required, for example during a concert, or where a total absence of exhaust gases is required.

CUBE PRO can be set to Hybrid mode: it uses the power of the engine to keep on the lamps and simultaneously charge the battery pack. When batteries are charged, the system automatically turns off the engine and allows the battery pack to control the lamps directly: this combination reduces fuel consumption by 50% up to 0.4l/h. When the batteries are flat, the system makes the engine repeating the cycle again in autonomy. There will never be any service interruption, for this reason our Hybrid system is suitable for applications where a very long autonomy is required: in fact, thanks to the large fuel reservoir, CUBE PRO once set in Hybrid mode is able to carry out dozens of charge and discharge cycles of the battery pack without the need for refueling, guaranteeing more than 400 hours of uninterrupted lighting.

As a third option, CUBE PRO can be powered exclusively by the integrated diesel engine: Kubota Z482. This two-cylinder engine is the quietest in its category and has low fuel consumption, so you can have the lowest possible carbon footprint with the guarantee of reliability of the famous Kubota brand.

The three types of power supplies can also be combined with a darkness sensor and one or more programmable timers directly from the Generac Mobile® digital control panel. These options ensure that CUBE PRO is automatically switched on and off depending on ambient light conditions or at set times, without any manual intervention. In addition to saving time and staff to manage the lighting tower, this also guarantees a considerable extension of the lighting tower’s autonomy, as it will remain on only when necessary.

CUBE PRO, so it’s all this, in a single Lighting Tower, the only case in the whole industry. Just to give an example: a Rental Company may have customers who need a completely silent lighting tower, or a model with a very long autonomy or maybe a 100% battery driven model; others may need a lighting tower that can provide 360-degree illumination aka all-round light, or a model equipped with traditional frontal headlights (180-degree concentrated beam) but and sometimes, with anti-glare lenses, perhaps for aeronautical use. Only in these few words of example, it is possible to understand how, before CUBE PRO, we would have needed at least 6 different models to satisfy all the requirements. Until yesterday, but from today only ONE machine, one answer is enough: Generac Mobile® new CUBE PRO.

Thanks to CUBE PRO, the Rental Company can respond to the most different needs of its customers simply with a single model of lighting tower, without having to stock many models with different characteristics. Maximise your investment without in any way risking being unprepared for specific requests, even the most particular. CUBE PRO is equipped with Generac Mobile HYPER® LED technology, that will ensure our users ease orientation of lighting heads, from front to all-round configuration, in minutes.

The HYPER® technology, available exclusively on the Generac Mobile® lighting towers, consists of special arms that can be articulated in three points on the two axes, on which the four LED projectors are installed. Thanks to these joints, it is possible to point each individual spotlight in the desired direction, so that it can be formed from the classic 180° angle up to a 360° illumination, as well as all the infinite middle ways. In addition, the floodlights can be directed not only horizontally but also vertically, so that the area above the lighting tower can be fully illuminated, for example when inspecting the ceiling of a tunnel, or the area below it. Depending on how they are positioned, HYPER® LED projectors can illuminate up to 4500m2. HYPER® Technology is also available in anti-glare configuration, with specific panels to be installed in a few seconds on the projectors themselves, so as to attenuate the light in environments where for safety reasons strong direct lighting is prohibited, such as in airports or during night road works. In this way, the operator does not have to hire an additional lighting tower equipped with the old-fashioned “baloon” anti-glare system.

If what upon, for some reason is still not enough, we have further enhanced the offer and made the new CUBE PRO simply the TOTAL SOLUTION for Rental Companies: a dedicated Connectivity Pack, thanks to the partnership between Trackunit® and Generac Mobile®. Connectivity pack is the possibility to manage a huge amount of information coming from the new CUBE PRO, directly from your office or smartphone: geolocation, remote analysis of electrical and mechanical engine faults, maintenance intervals, remote alarm of unauthorised equipment movements, error codes and many others. In addition to this, the new CUBE PRO has been designed following the most actual Generac Mobile® sustainability path, keen to a respectful use of natural resources, careful management of consumption and polluting materials during manufacturing, and a very high degree of recyclability of the manufactured goods. Careful initial design, which already considers the maximum optimisation of the transported units per container or truck, because optimised transportability reduces both fuel consumptions and polluting emissions. CUBE PRO is also designed to be easily moved: the forklift pockets are on all four sides and the lifting-hook is on the upper side: this solution ensures that the CUBE PRO can be easily repositioned even in tight spaces.