Nishio Vietnam supplies VTevo for North-South Highway project in Vietnam

  • Maggio 30, 2022
  • Emiliano Terzi

VTevo keeps being the best-selling LED lighting tower model in the extra-European market.

Thanks to its high-standard features, such as compactness, high illumination rate, and low fuel consumption, in combination with great cost-effectiveness, the versatility of this model is incomparable!

Recently, our distributor Nishio Rent All Vietnam Co. Ltd. supplied our VTevo model for the North-South Highway project in Vietnam.

North-South Highway is being built in a very difficult area, and the contractor was looking for a mobile lighting tower equipped with wheels, lightweight, compact, and fuel-efficient. That’s the reason why the choice turned on VTevo, a model meeting all the required features and equipped with LED lamps combined with a low-fuel consumption engine, allowing a long running time and low maintenance costs. All these features made the customer believe this lighting tower is very suitable for use in the project.


The VTevo innovative lighting towers are designed to be environmentally friendly, compact, fuel-efficient, and easily maneuverable. Moreover, these models use the latest high-efficient LED technology, an important feature that has contributed to the success of this model. At the present time, in fact, using lighting towers equipped with LED instead of the traditional metal halide technology is getting more and more popular in the Vietnamese market, as well as in the entire global one.

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