Wash Rack Mini

Wash Rack Mini is the smallest model of the Wash Rack range, ideal for customers needing to clean small equipment and with few space available.


  • All-steel construction
  • Platform with removable grates and anti-slip ramps
  • 600L filtration tank for oil, hydrocarbons and solids
  • Water level sensor to activate the diaphragm pump

Wash Rack Mini

Diaphragm pump Power 0.054 kW
Capacity 14 L/min
Booster pump Power 0.37 kW
Capacity 5 to 40 L/min
Washing bay dimensions Entire bay* 5400 x 1700 x 2850 mm
Platform** 2850 x 1140 mm
Washing bay dry weight 1100 kg
Filtration tank dimensions 600L 3000 x 700 x 1140 mm
Filtration tank dry weight 600L 250 kg
Max. load capacity 1200 kg

* Entire bay dimensions: platform + side tanks + side walls + ramps
** Platform dimensions: platform only (without side tanks, side walls, ramps)

Wash Rack Mini


  • Construction
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Rental

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