GMB-25P Generator

GMB-25P is a power generator part of the GMB Basic Line. It is powered by a Perkins 404D-22G engine and can be equipped with or without a super-silent canopy.

Features available:

  • ACP – Digital Control Panel (Standard)
  • ADI – Adjustable Differential Protection (Accessory)
  • EEG – Electronic Engine Governor (Accessory)
  • PHS – Pre-Heating System (Accessory)
  • FEC – FlexibleExhaust Compensator (Accessory – only with Open version)
  • RES – Residential Silencer (Accessory – only with Open version)
  • LTS – Load Transfer Switch (Accessory)
  • STR – Site trailer (Accessory – only with Canopy version)
  • RTR – Road trailer (Accessory – only with Canopy version)

Standard: equipped as standard on the machine
Accessory: only available on ex-factory installation
Option: both available installed on ex-factory or as retrofit kit

The model is available with different voltage settings, that may vary the Stand By Power (LTP) and the Prime Power (PRP).
Please see the technical table here below for further information:



Engine: Perkins 404D-22G


Voltage Phase Frequency Stand by power (LTP) Prime power (PRP)
480 V Three-phase 60 Hz 25,50 24,16
440 V Three-phase 60 Hz 25,00 23,60
380 V Three-phase 60 Hz 25,80 24,16
220 V Three-phase 60 Hz 25,00 23,60
208 V Three-phase 60 Hz 22,50 21,50
240 V Single-phase 60 Hz 17,30 17,00


  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Demolition

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