Wash Rack Modular C

The Wash Rack Modular allows adapting to all configurations requested by the customer. The arrangement of the platforms, the maximum load capacity, the arrangement of the walls and of the tanks, and filtration system position.


  • SIDE PANELS: customizable in quantity and length (height: 2,6 m)
  • RAMP PANELS: choose the quantity and position depending on your needs
  • PLATFORMS: washing area composed of 4 platforms with removable grates for easy cleaning of the plant. Maximum load capacity: 15 ton
  • MAIN FILTERING SYSTEM: for oil, hydrocarbons, and solids (600 or 3000 litres)
  • SIDE TANK: choose the side you prefer (left or right)
  • WASH RACK DECANTER: an optional decanting tank of 1000 liters specifically recommended for big-sized Wash Racks and in presence of a high quantity of mud. Thanks to this option, water is separated from most of the mud through decantation before going to the main filtration system. A kit of dosing pumps for flocculants to treat colloidal mud is available on-demand for the Decanter.

Wash Rack Modular C

Diaphragm pump Power 0.054 kW
Capacity 14 L/min
Booster pump Power 0.37 kW
Capacity 5 to 40 L/min
Washing bay dimensions Entire bay* 8200 x 3300 x 2850 mm
Platform** 6000 x 2850 mm
Washing bay dry weight 3100 kg
Filtration tank dimensions 600L 3000 x 700 x 1000 mm
3000L 3450 x 1000 x 2120 mm
Filtration tank dry weight 600L 250 kg
3000L 625 kg
Decanter*** dimensions 1500 x 1500 x 2300 mm
Decanter dry weight 400 kg
Decanter capacity 1000L
Max. load capacity 15 ton

* Entire bay dimensions: platform + side tanks + side walls + ramps
** Platform dimensions: platform only (without side tanks, side walls, ramps)

Wash Rack Modular C


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Industrial
  • Rental

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