PRO line: the revolution is here

  • June 28, 2021
  • Emiliano Terzi

In the last few years, while most Lighting Tower manufacturers planned and recently introduced a very specific multi-product strategy (engine, battery, hybrid, solar…), Generac Mobile® decided to perform an all-round change in the commercial strategy, deciding to focus on a single multi-purpose product representing a unique solution for any kind of need.

Big rental companies today are facing a problem: they must purchase many different models each of which must respond to a specific need. For example, some customers will ask for a full-battery model because they need total silence and zero carbon emission; some others will need the power of a generator-driven model; in recent years, thanks to the increasingly elevated environmental consciousness across the planet, many customers are looking for a hybrid solution or even lighting towers 100% driven via solar panels. Rental companies, if they wanted to follow this trend, would have to invest a lot of money and time in the purchase and management of heterogeneous and very different Lighting Tower fleets and therefore, however, a great part of the stock could remain on the ground, with lower rotation, creating serious difficulties in the planning of purchases and a longer return of investment.

Today Generac Mobile®, the company that invented the first hybrid lighting tower already 10 years ago, introduces the “PRO”: not simply an innovative Tower Light model, but a whole new technology, designed to revolutionize and respond to all these problems by giving to rental companies “ONE” model that brings together all possible requirements of the new World Green Deal: diesel, solar, battery, and hybrid, all in one.


Generac Mobile® lighting towers today equipped with PRO technology have a particular “all-in-one” power system allowing the operator to choose the preferred working cycle among:

  • Diesel Powered: power supply 100% from integrated diesel generator;
  • Battery Powered: power supply 100% from integrated/rechargeable battery pack;
  • Hybrid System: a power supply alternating battery working cycles with diesel recharging cycles, in automatic;
  • Plug-In: plug the PRO into an external power source and it’s ready to work while charging batteries.

The operator has just to choose the desired working cycle with a simple switch on the control panel and it’s done: the digital controller will adapt the machine to the selected option. The great flexibility of Generac Mobile® PRO does not stop at these innovative working cycles, but also integrate important innovations for charging the battery pack from external sources such as:

  • Solar Panel Kit: a portable and stackable stand-alone kit for a green recharging of PRO units;
  • Battery Pack: external battery pack, easy to use. Up to 40 hours without carbon/noise emissions;
  • External power sources: connect the PRO to any electrical source (Generator, Main…) to use and recharge the lighting tower at the same time.

Solar Panel Kit and Battery Pack are both manufactured by Generac Mobile® and are available as options, sold upon request with the PRO lighting towers.

Darkness Sensor and Digital Timer are both installed by default in every PRO Lighting Tower, and last but not least, PRO lighting towers have a dimmer to adjust the LED light power from 25% to 100%, allowing the operator to adjust the illumination and, consequently, the total running time of the machine.

The PRO technology is today already available on two models: V20 PRO and CUBE PRO. Generac Mobile® has in fact decided to introduce the PRO Technology in the market by enhancing V20 and CUBE+, the most successful top-to-the-range models among the European rental companies.

V20 PRO: the perfect general-purpose unit, the V20 follows its natural evolutionary path with the PRO version. Thanks to the possibility of alternative power supplies and adjustable light power, the performances of this model are further improved so that it can be used in any application field, from simple construction sites to urban areas where the use of machines that do not produce polluting gases or noise emissions is mandatory. The new V20 PRO has a dedicated new trailer that allows our customers and all rental companies to optimize transportation costs, since this new trailer has a redesigned retractable drawbar.

CUBE PRO: one of the most stable, safe, and widely suitable Generac Mobile® lighting towers for rental in the world of events, concerts, and public demonstrations. Today this model has the possibility to be used in an even more ecological way and, in combination with the external Battery Pack, will be able to guarantee uninterrupted lighting for tens of hours in absolute quietness and with zero carbon emissions. Another not negligible point of strength is that the size of the new CUBE PRO remains completely identical to that of the traditional CUBE+ and guarantees in this way the possibility to transport on a lorry as many as 20 CUBE PRO units, ready to use. Simply the best in the industry.

The great attention paid to maximising the number of units transported per truck is not just a logistical saving of money, but in Generac Mobile®‘s circular vision it is above all a great saving of an ecological nature with an important impact in terms of reducing the CO2 emitted by means of transport and logistics.

While V20 PRO and CUBE PRO are already commercially available (starting from June 2021), Generac Mobile® is planning to turn to PRO other models in its range by the end of 2021, starting with the Hydro Power Box that is a must for rental companies specialized in events.