Generac Mobile® introduces its new compact Dust Fighter: Power Jet

  • December 1, 2020
  • Emiliano Terzi

Generac Mobile®, the world leader in rental products such as lighting towers, power generators, and industrial dust fighters, has released its latest innovation in the field of portable dust fighters: the new Power Jet.

The new Power Jet joins the DF (Dust Fighter) product line, a series of dust suppression units designed to control and reduce dust and particulate matters, in many different environments and applications, such as mines, quarries, demolition sites, and crushing plants.

Generac Mobile® has responded to the market’s call for a portable dust control unit, with compact dimensions and a simple manual control panel that allows any operator to easily set up and operate the machine in just a few minutes, perfect for rental and mobile activities. Power Jet is in fact equipped with an integrated high-pressure pump, able to increase the water pressure up to 75 bar. This allows the unit’s nozzles to spray a high-pressure flow of fine mist capable of capturing and breaking down dust particles up to 30 meters!

The power needed to operate the pump is provided by an integrated 6.2 kW single-phase diesel generator, driven by a powerful and compact Yanmar L100V6 engine (Stage V), energy-saving, air-cooled. The new Power Jet has been designed and developed with a built-in off-road portable trolley with two massive wheels and two ergonomic handles that, thanks to the lightweight of the machine, makes the Power Jet easily repositionable anywhere by a single operator.

All the mechanical elements of the new PowerJet are made in Italy, contributing to make this model an appreciated and high-quality product, ideal to withstand the severity of modern job site conditions and industrial applications.

Tags: dust control