Generac Acquires Deep Sea Electronics

  • July 27, 2021
  • Emiliano Terzi

Generac Holdings Inc. announced the acquisition of Deep Sea Electronics Limited, an advanced controls designer and manufacturer.

As a leader in the industry, Deep Sea Electronics provides a diverse suite of controller products that provide flexible solutions for multiple applications including generators, automatic transfer switches, battery charging, and off-highway vehicles. Headquartered in Hunmanby, United Kingdom, Deep Sea Electronics has a 40-year history of continuously advancing their products and driving innovation in the controls market.

“The technical and engineering expertise of the team at Deep Sea Electronics is second to none and will help us accelerate our product roadmap for the future,” commented Aaron Jagdfeld, President and Chief Executive Officer of Generac. “The high level of talent and bandwidth they bring are critical for Generac as we continue to participate in the ongoing evolution of the world’s electrical grid.”

With the addition of Deep Sea Electronics, Generac has bolstered its engineering and control capabilities which will advance and support innovation of its products to meet the dynamic needs of the evolving energy technology market and its customers. Deep Sea Electronics’ expertise will enhance Generac’s focus on natural gas power generation and is expected to help drive entry into microgrid applications, a market the Company believes will serve as a key component of the power grid of the future. Additionally, Generac is excited to support Deep Sea Electronics as they continue to grow their current customer business.

“The integration of Deep Sea Electronics will augment our internal capacity in the field of Controls & Automation, helping to drive innovation and speed-to-market across our product development cycles,” added Patrick Forsythe, Chief Technical Officer of Generac. “The team at Deep Sea Electronics will also help facilitate our global product platforming and will accelerate our growth into the distributed energy resource and microgrid market.

“We are extremely excited for the opportunity to build upon our history of excellence at Deep Sea Electronics and to continue to innovate the Controls & Automation industry as part of the Generac family,” said David Thomson, Chief Executive Officer of Deep Sea Electronics. “The team is looking forward to executing our strategic vision and driving growth through our relationships with our valued customers while also helping Generac build a more sustainable electrical grid for the future.”

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