A Light Source: Generac’s top tips to select the best lights

  • 10 września, 2019

Here are Generac’s Top Tips to help you select the best lights for your projects this winter!


Check the lumens

Ask your lighting tower manufacturer for the lumen output of your LED lamp heads. Often the lumens are detailed in the technical specification. The most powerful lighting towers will offer you the highest lumen output and therefore the best and most powerful coverage.


Understand your needs

With such a large range of lighting available, you need to think about how your lighting will be used. Different activities require different levels of light intensity. More detailed work requires clear and brighter light. Again, the lumen output will help you decide if you have the right level of illuminance.
Many local authorities and health and safety regulators produce handy guides for you to understand the minimum/maximum illuminance required.


Size it up!

Before you commit to taking on temporary lighting towers, it is best to think about how big an area you need to light as well as the site conditions. Lighting for large car parks or construction sites may require lighting towers which offer greater coverage for safety. Do you want static lighting towers for projects which have long timeframe or perhaps smaller compact lighting towers for use multi-level construction sites so they can be easily moved into position?


Connect and Monitor

New technologies are quickly emerging to help you track and monitor your lighting tower fleets remotely. Telemetry gives you total connectivity with your lighting fleet anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.
Our new telemetry systems, developed in association with Track Unit®, offer a dynamic and simple platform for hirers and fleet operators to monitor service updates, performance, engine alarms and location of lighting towers. Helping you stay in control, track fleet heath to reduce OPEX costs and have peace of mind that everything is working as it should be.


It’s oh so quiet!

Local authority regulations provide guidance on noise levels for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) such as lighting towers. Residential areas require equipment which have low noise operation. Again, these details are shown on your tech sheet.


Power it up

Mobile tower lights often come with their own power source such as a generator. We are now producing hybrid and electric alternatives to help you meet environmental legislation and protect our planet for longer. We even offer ‘no engine’ alternatives where you can daisy chain lighting towers together from one master engine. Speak to your local team to find out more.