MBE LX 30/60 Gel

MBE LX 30/60 Gel is a universal Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) ideally suited to a range of applications, delivering reliable power in the most cost-effective and environmentally sensitive way. Energy stored within the unit is converted electronically into mains power. Power can be derived from solar PV, connection to an external grid supply, or from a diesel generator or wind turbine. Energy is automatically managed from any or all of these energy sources to ensure the most efficient, lowest maintenance, and best environmental impact is achieved.

Gel lead acid OPzV-S battery

Deep cycle, maintenance-free, gel lead acid OPzV-S battery.


GSM remote communication ensures real-time monitoring and maintenance can be effected from any location in the world.


  • Solar PV charge controller
  • EV charge point
  • Custom sockets distribution
  • Custom colors

MBE LX 30/60 Gel

Output specifications
Output power – Continuous kVA 30
Output power – 5s peak kW 60
Voltage V 400/230
Frequency Hz 50/60
Phases 3
Battery specifications
Type Gel lead acid OPzV-S
Design life (to 80% DoD) cycles 2000
Nominal capacity kWh 60
Usable energy (@80% DoD) kWh 48
Max. input (3-phase 400V) A 125
Max. input (1-phase 230V) A 125
System pass-through capacity A 100
Protection rating IP 34
Operating temperature range* min./max. °C -20 / +45
Length x Width x Height mm 2012 x 1183 x 2012
Weight kg 3039
* Charging is suspended below 0°C
MBE LX 30/60 Gel


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