mayo 30, 2022

Nishio Vietnam supplies VTevo for North-South Highway project in Vietnam

VTevo keeps being the best-selling LED lighting tower model in the extra-European market. Thanks to its high-standard features, such as compactness, high illumination rate, […]

 mayo 4, 2022

Generac Mobile introduces the new MBE Energy Storage Systems

Generac Mobile introduces the new MBE Line – Mobile Energy Storage Systems, a series of portable power supplies that can be paired with a […]

 octubre 20, 2021

VT-Solar: the 100% Green solution

In a world that is increasingly Green, sustainable, more evolved and in constant search of «zero-emissions», Generac Mobile also wanted to make an important […]

 septiembre 1, 2021

Generac Acquires Off Grid Energy

Generac Expands Energy Storage Portfolio with Acquisition of Off Grid Energy Generac Holdings Inc. (NYSE: GNRC) (“Generac”), a leading global designer and manufacturer of energy […]

 julio 27, 2021

Generac Acquires Deep Sea Electronics

Generac Holdings Inc. announced the acquisition of Deep Sea Electronics Limited, an advanced controls designer and manufacturer. As a leader in the industry, Deep Sea […]

 junio 28, 2021

PRO line: the revolution is here

In the last few years, while most Lighting Tower manufacturers planned and recently introduced a very specific multi-product strategy (engine, battery, hybrid, solar…), Generac […]

 diciembre 1, 2020

Generac Mobile® introduces its new compact Dust Fighter: Power Jet

Generac Mobile®, the world leader in rental products such as lighting towers, power generators, and industrial dust fighters, has released its latest innovation in […]

 septiembre 14, 2020

The new mobile diesel generator line: GMM Modular Series

Reliability, Durability, Easy handling, Fast servicing Generac Mobile® is proud to introduce the GMM Modular Line, a new range of diesel powered mobile generators. With […]

 diciembre 16, 2019

Get Connected with Generac Mobile!

Generac Mobile® is pleased to announce its partnership with Trackunit® A/S to create an exclusive telemetry system for the lighting tower sector. Launching this […]