Turbo Light

Turbo Light is an independent LED lighting system designed by Generac Mobile® for use on lifting equipment like scissor lifts and telescopic booms everytime the ambient light conditions are not adequate for the operators to work safely.

Lithium-On battery

Each lamp is equipped with a powerful, rechargeable, lithium battery that grants up to 9 hours of use without interruptions.

LED panel

Every lamp has a robust panel with double use: it protect the LED bulbs and increases the spread of the light.

Extendable legs

Two extendable legs for a better stability and adherence to the frontal part of the cage of the lifting equipment.

Power switch

One for each lamp, the operator can turn on the LED and also choose two different intensity of light (50% and 100%).

Orientation system

A 150° orientation system from -60° to +90°. The system is lockable with a security pin locker.

Fast connection

Turbo Light can be easily installed to every kind of platform through a fast connection system with automatic closure.

Safety hook

This hook is connected to the Turbo Light through a resistant metal wire, to avoid falls in case the system is unfastened by mistake.


Robust plastic handle for a comfortable and safe use and positioning of the illuminating system.



Turbo Light

Min. dimensions 735 x 450 x 370 mm
Max. dimensions 735 x 700 x 530 mm
Lamps power 2 x 24W
Lamps type LED
Total lumen 5600
Rotation 150° (-60° / +90°)
Min. battery run/time 4.5 h (2x lamp @ 100%)
Max. battery run/time 18 h (2x lamps @ 50%)
Battery recharging time 3 h
LED color temperature 5000 K
Turbo Light


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