MBE SX Plus 5/25 AGM

MBE SX Plus 5/25 AGM is a portable power unit that is noise emission and maintenance-free. The energy that is stored within the internal battery is converted, electronically, into AC power. Once all the energy has been used up, the unit can be re-charged by one of several means; connecting to a mains power supply, from a conventional generator or, to be truly green, you can connect solar panels. You can use the unit while it is being charged.


  • AGM battery
  • Automatic generator start/stop
  • Low noise and emission
  • Plug & Play
  • Maintenance-free
  • Stackable (up to 2 units)


  • Solar Kit Panel with External charge controller

MBE SX Plus 5/25 AGM

Output specifications
Output power – Continuous kVA 5
Output power – 5s peak kW 10
Voltage V 230
Frequency Hz 50
Phases 1
Battery specifications
Type AGM
Nominal capacity kWh 25
Usable energy (@80% DoD) kWh 20
Max. input (3-phase 400V) A n.a.
Max. input (1-phase 230V) A 32
System pass-through capacity A 32
Protection rating IP 44
Operating temperature range* min./max. °C -20 / +45
Length x Width x Height mm 1096 x 1066 x 1185
Weight kg 850
* Charging is suspended below 0°C
MBE SX Plus 5/25 AGM


  • Entertainment
  • Construction
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Rental

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