Solar Kit PRO

Generac Mobile can provide customers with a special accessory to be used as an external power source for a PRO lighting tower: the Solar Kit PRO. This is a stackable kit with 3×300 Wp sliding solar panels able to recharge the built-in battery of a PRO unit, reducing the use of the generator or other power sources.

Solar Kit PRO collects the photons emitted by the Sun and converts them into Direct Current, while the built-in MPPT device optimizes the conversion process. Through a multipin cable, the Direct Current from the Solar Kit arrives to the PRO lighting tower, where the built-in inverter/charger transforms it into Alternating Current and recharges the batteries installed on the PRO unit.

Solar recharge

Solar Kit PRO is suitable for use in combination with one mobile lighting tower part of the new PRO Line. Just connect the kit to the multipin inlet socket and the PRO lighting tower will do the rest: PRO technology is designed to automatically configure into a hybrid-solar machine when the unit is connected to a Solar Kit PRO.

Solar Kit PRO can also produce enough energy to recharge the batteries of the I-Extender PRO, a new standalone, portable, battery pack available in both AGM and Li-ion versions. Also in this case, the configuration is automatic, without any intervention by the operator: just plug and play.

Plug & Play

The operator can connect the Solar Kit to a PRO unit in a matter of seconds:
1. Use a multipin cable to connect the Solar Kit to the PRO unit;
2. Check the Solar Kit circuit breakers are ON and put the main switch in ON position;
3. Turn ON the PRO unit: the machine will automatically self-configure to work in combination with the solar panels.

Quick set-up

The fast lifting system with gas springs and the sliding guides for the solar panels allow a single operator to set up the unit in just three easy steps: lift the solar panels easily thanks to the gas springs, unlock the solar panels and extract them with the handles. Thanks to the graduated tilting scale, it is possible to adjust precisely the inclination of the solar panels.

Recharging time

Recharging time of the battery of a PRO lighting tower is proportional to Sun radiation. Performances are not constant and may be influenced by different factors: weather conditions; orientation of the panels; location; shadows; surface status of the solar panels.


Solar Kit PRO has been designed to be as much compact as possible, without protruding elements and with the possibility to stack one unit on another to double the number of units in a stocking area or during transport.

13.6 m truck: 10 units or 20 units overlapped
40’ High Cube container: 9 units or 18 units overlapped

Solar Kit PRO


Min. dimensions (L x W x H) 2224 x 1226 x 896 mm
Max. dimensions (L x W x H) 2365 x 3104 x 1783 mm
Weight 867 kg
Solar panels power 3 x 300Wp
Solar panels inclination angle (min./max.) 0° / 45°
Solar panels lifting system Gas springs
Multipin outlet socket Yes
Solar Kit PRO


  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Rental

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