iQ20 PRO lighting tower

iQ20 PRO is not just a new lighting tower, but the authentic and unique “ALL IN ONE” product. It embodies all the innovations and new technologies that Generac Mobile® has developed in over 20 years at the top of the industry as a manufacturer. Generac Mobile® has brought together all the Rental needs, in one single product.
iQ20 PRO has been designed following the most actual sustainability path and offers global connectivity for remote control.


V20 PRO is truly the Complete Solution, the only one to offer altogether: the future, with 100% battery-powered supply; the present, with the latest generation Generac Mobile® hybrid power supply; the tradition, with low consumption diesel engine. All in one model.
Equipped with 1-cylinder Yanmar engine.

Generac LED floodlights with adjustable light power

4×240 W high-efficiency New G4 LED floodlights designed by Generac Mobile®. Special version with adjustable light power output from 25% to 100%.

Anti-glare floodlights

The floodlights can be equipped with optional antiglare shells to create a soft, ambient light for use on special applications like roadworks, airports and where light pollution must be kept to a minimum.

Control panel

Control panel with digital controller and easy Function Selector:

  • Off
  • Manual mode
  • Darkness sensor mode
  • Timer mode

Plug-in system

Generac Mobile® can provide customers with two external accessories:

  • I-Extender – A stand-alone, stackable, battery pack with 25 kWh capacity that will make V20 PRO runs up to 40 hours in Battery mode. Standard: CEE 16A outlet socket.
  • Solar kit – A stackable solar panel kit with 3×300 Wp sliding solar panels able to recharge the V20 PRO battery, reducing the use of the generator or other power sources. Multipin outlet socket

The operator can easily connect these devices to the iQ20 PRO to the inlet sockets installed as default on the machine.
It’s also possible to connect the unit to the Mains through the inlet socket (standard CEE 16A).

iQ20 PRO

Yanmar L70 - 4x240W G4 LED

Min. dimensions* 2245 x 1431 x 2424 mm
Max. dimensions* 3390 x 1714 x 8200 mm
Dry weight* 1100 kg
Engine model Yanmar L70V Stage V
Cylinders (q.ty) 1
Engine cooling Air
Engine speed (50/60hz) 3000 / 3600 RPM
Sound pressure 0 – 68 dB(A) @ 7 m
Dimmer switch 25% 50% 75% 100%
Max. lamps power 4x60W 4x120W 4x180W 4x240W
Lamps type G4 LED G4 LED G4 LED G4 LED
Max. total lumen 41040 Lm 76184 Lm 107668 Lm 139200 Lm
Max. illuminated area 1500 m2 2200 m2 2700 m2 3100 m2
Battery recharging time 6h 11′ 5h 18′ 5h 09′ 4h 29′
Running time – Battery 19h 46′ 10h 07′ 5h 11′ 3h 45′
Running time – Generator 145 h 136 h 125 h 116 h
Running time – Hybrid 429 h 257 h 162 h 148 h
Lifting system Hydraulic
Mast rotation 340°
Wind resistance 110 km/h
Alternator (kVA/V/Hz) 5/230/50 – 5/240/60
CEE inlet plug
Multipin inlet plug
Tank capacity (gross) 100 litres (90 net)
Liquid containment (110%)

* with adjustable road trailer

iQ20 PRO


  • Entertainment
  • Construction
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Rental

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