I-Extender PRO Battery Pack

Generac Mobile can provide customers with a special accessory to be used to extend the running time of a PRO lighting tower: the I-Extender PRO. This is a stand-alone, portable, battery pack able to extend the capacity of the built-in battery of a PRO unit, reducing the use of the generator or other power sources.
Thanks to the different outlet sockets installed as standard, the I-Extender PRO can also power any other kind of electric equipment needing a single-phase 230V current.

Plug & Play

The operator can connect the I-Extender to a PRO unit in a matter of seconds:
1. Use a CEE 16A cable to connect the I-Extender to the PRO unit;
2. Check the I-Extender circuit breakers are ON and put the main switch in ON position;
3. Turn ON the PRO unit: the machine will automatically self-configure to work in combination with I-Extender.

Running Time 4x240W @ 100%: +18h 45’
Running Time 4x240W @ 50%: +40h

Discharging time and autonomy depend on the electrical load applied.

Easy recharge

When the battery pack integrated into the I-Extender PRO is discharged, it can be recharged by connecting to any external power source, like a generating set or the power grid.
While connected to the power grid, the I-Extender PRO can be recharged in 10 hours.
The battery pack can be recharged also with a CEE 16A 230V, by using an adapter and changing the settings on the control panel. In this case, the recharging time will be longer.

Solar recharge

I-Extender PRO is suitable for use in combination with the Solar Kit PRO, to recharge the built-in battery pack with the energy of the sun. Just connect the I-Extender to the Solar Kit with the multipin cable to start the automatic configuration of the battery pack, without any intervention by the operator.
Recharging time is proportional to sun radiation. Performances are not constant and may be influenced by different factors: Weather conditions; orientation of the panels; location; shadows; surface status of the solar panels.


I-Extender PRO has been designed to be as much compact as possible, without protruding elements and with the possibility to stack a unit on another to double the quantity of units in a stocking area or during transport:

13.6 m truck: 24 units / 48 units overlapped
40’ High Cube container: 22 units / 44 units overlapped

I-Extender PRO AGM

AGM battery

Dimensions (L x W x H) 1096 x 1066 x 1185 mm
Dry weight 850 kg
Battery type AGM
Battery recharging time 10 h (power grid)
Battery capacity 25 kVAh
Running time with a PRO unit 18h 45′ (light @100%)
CEE inlet plug 1x 32A 230V
Multipin inlet plug (for Solar Kit)
CEE outlet sockets 1x 32A 230V
2x 16A 230V
Schuko outlet socket 1x 16A 230V
Max. power output 4 kW
I-Extender PRO AGM


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