Linktower T4 UFO light tower

The Linktower is one of the most innovative and revolutionary models in the Generac Mobile® range! The Linktower T4 UFO 400W is a mobile light tower which can be powered by an external power source like a power generator, the main or another light tower with built-in generator.

UFO LED floodlight

The Linktower T4 UFO is equipped with with a special “UFO” LED anti-glare floodlight providing 360 illumination.

Linkable model

The main feature of the Linktower is that up to 7 Linktowers T4 UFO can be connected in series to a single power source, providing an high illumination area with reduced fuel consumption.

Easy handling

Thanks to the practical manual hand trolley, the light weight and the new jockey wheel, a single operator can handle the Linktower quickly and safely in every kind of working area.

Access lockable doors

The new Linktower has two lockable doors to access the inside of the body for documents and tools storage.

New stabilizers

A new model of robust and easy stabilizer to perfectly level the light tower in seconds.

Rain cover design

The new frame of the Linktower is designed to better protect the control panel from rain.

New stabilizers

A new model of robust and easy stabilizer to perfectly level the light tower in seconds.

Linktower T4 UFO

400W LED "UFO"

Minimum dimensions (L x W x H) 1230 x 780 x 2420 mm
Maximum dimensions (L x W x H) 1870 x 1460 x 6300 mm
Dry weight 220 kg
Lifting system Manual
Mast rotation 340°
Lamps power 1 x 400 W
Lamps type LED
Total lumen 50000 Lm
Illuminated area (360°) 1000 m2
Outlet socket (A/V/Hz) 16/220/50 – 16/240/60
Inlet plug (kVA/V/Hz) 16/220/50 – 16/240/60
Wind speed resistance 80 km/h
Standard trailer Hand Trolley
Linktower T4 UFO


  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Rental

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