CUBE Next light tower

The CUBE Next light tower is a new battery-powered model that has been designed to attain the highest levels of performance and safety with total respect for the environment. Providing the longest range in battery-powered lighting towers, we have set the standard.

Generac LED floodlights with adjustable light power

4×240 W high-efficiency New G4 LED floodlights designed by Generac Mobile®. Special version with adjustable light power output.

Automatic Mode fitted as standard

The digital timer and the darkness sensor are installed as standard so that the CUBE Next can automatically start and stop.

Zero noise and carbon dioxide emission

When the CUBE Next light tower is powered through the battery pack, it is completely silent and doesn’t emit carbon dioxide (CO2). An ideal solution for events and working areas with low noise or CO2 emission requirements.

Running time & Illumination!

Thanks to the dimmable LED lamps set to the minimum value, this model can run from 17 to 95 hours before recharging the battery pack. Instead if the requirement is to obtain the widest illuminated area, by setting the dimmer knob at 100% the CUBE Next can illuminate 3100 m2.

Bolted Frame with top accessibility

The CUBE Next light tower has a new bolted frame for much better resistance to vibrations, wear, and rust. It offers the best reliability and durability in the industry. The new adjustable locking system embedded in the machine frame. A step forward from the competition standard locking system. No more removable external lockers, when CUBE Next doors are locked, it’s impossible to change position or even remove stabilizers.

4 wide doors provide complete access to the technical area.

CUBE Next 4x240W

4x240W LED

Minimum dimensions (L x W x H) 1230 x 1160 x 2405 mm
Maximum dimensions (L x W x H) 1790 x 1735 x 8400 mm
Weight 1285 kg
Mast lifting system Hydraulic
Mast rotation 340°
Dimmer switch OFF 25% 50% 75% 100%
Lamps power 0 4 x 60 W 4 x 120W 4 x 180W 4 x 240 W
Lamps type G4 LED
Luminous flux 41040 Lm 76184 Lm 107668 Lm 139200 Lm
Illuminated area 1500 m2 2200 m2 2700 m2 3100 m2
Battery running time 94 h 47 h 24 h 17 h
Battery charging time 9 h 14 h 12 h 11 h 11 h
CEE inlet plug (A/V/Hz) 32/230/50 – 32/240/60
Avg. sound pressure 0
Wind speed resistance 110 km/h
CUBE Next 4x240W


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