Control board
The automatic control board allows the manual start of the generator and to operate automatically in emergency to the public network.
The automatic control board, in addition to the total management of the generator and switching network / group (LTS), it is designed for the full control and management of the generator remotely through a special PC interface executable by cable or by GSM modem.

ACP (digital control panel)

Every GMR model is equipped by default with a digital control panel.
Standard features: automatic control board (ACP), key switch ON/OFF, emergency stop button, buzzer, circuit breaker, remote start/stop pins, 1 plug for auxiliary power supply, integrated socket kit (5x customizable according to customer need, multi-pin connector for LTS connection, analogue gauges (oil pressure, coolant temp., fuel level, hour meter).

Majors measures available:
– Generating set (voltage, current, frequency)
– Generating Set Power (kVA, kW, kVAr, Cosφ)
– Main voltage
– Hours-counter
– Battery voltage
– Engine speed (rpm)
– Fuel level (%)
– Engine temperature
– Oil Pressure

– Low fuel level
– Low oil pressure
– High engine temperature
– Battery charger failure
– Earth fault
– Circuit Breaker Protection (III poles)
– Under/over voltage
– Under/over frequency
– Reverse power

Command and others:
– Four operation modes:
• Manual starting
• Automatic starting
• Automatic test
– Push-buttons:
• start/stop
• fault reset
• up/down/page/enter selection
– Emergency stop button
– Circuit breaker
– Acoustic alarm
– Push-button to force Main contactor or generator contactor

– Terminal connections for LTS RS232 communication port
– RSS – Remote Start/Stop Contacts (only on GMR-280V model)

Control board
A powerful graphic display with user-friendly controls allows any user whatever their ability to find the information they need by selecting the Manual operation mode, through the proper switch, the Start (I) Stop (O) buttons are activated and local generator control is enabled.

MPP (digital control panel)

The control board Inteligen BaseBox + InteliVision 5 is suitable for both single and multiple genset operating in standby or parallel modes. A built-in synchronizer and digital isochronous load sharer allow a total integrated solution for gensets in standby, island parallel or mains parallel. It is possible to synchronize up to 32 units as standard feature.
Standard features: automatic control board (MPP), key switch ON/OFF, emergency stop button, acoustic alarm, circuit breaker, remote start/stop pins, 1 plug for auxiliary power supply, integrated socket kit (5x customizable according to customer need), multi-pin connector for LTS connection, can-bus communication for synchro, analogue gauges (oil pressure, coolant temperature, fuel level, hour meter).

Majors measures available:
– Genset: Voltage, Current, Frequency, Hour-counter.
– Genset Power: kVA, kW, kVAr, Cos φ, kWh, kVAh.
– Mains: Voltage, Current, Frequency, kW, kVAr, Cos φ.
– Engine Speed (rpm)
– Temperature
– Oil Pressure
– Fuel level
– Battery voltage

Engine protections:
• Low fuel level
• Low oil pressure
• High engine temperature
Genset protections:
• Under/Over voltage
• Overload
• Under/over frequency
• Starting failure
• Under/over battery voltage
• Overcurrent
• Short-circuit
• Reverse power
• Earth fault

Command and others:
Command and others:
Five operation modes:
• AMF function
• Single parallel to mains island application
• Single parallel to mains AMF application
• Multiple parallel genset island application
• Start/stop
• Fault reset
• Up/Down/Page/Enter selection
Acoustic alarm

Many communication options easy remote supervising and servicing:
– AirGate support
– Ethernet connection (RJ45)
– USB 2.0 slave interface
– 1× RS232 / 2× RS485 interface with Modbus protocol
– Analog / GSM / ISDN / CDMA modem communication support
– SMS messages
– ECU Modbus interface secondary RS485 converter is isolated


Remote Control Module (IB-LITE)

RCG15 consist of a plug-in communication IB-LITE module with Ethernet interface. The module also allows the controller to be integrated into a building management system using the Modbus/TCP or SNMP protocol.


Remote Control Module (IL-NTGPRS+ANTENNA)

IL-NT GPRS is an integrated GSM modem and Internet GPRS solution for InteliCompactNT and MainsCompactNT controllers. It offers a unique solution for wireless monitoring and control over single unit or whole fleet of equipment. The main benefits include high reliability for your application, instant alarm events notification over SMS, on-line data access on Internet (using WebSupervisor), periodic data collecting in Excel format and SMS control.


Remote Control Module (InternetBridge-NT)

RCG13 consists of a remote control generator, with internet/Ethernet communication module + antenna. The InternetBridge-NT module allows efficient connection to the Internet for one or more ComAp controllers, either by Ethernet cable or by built in 3.75G Cellular modem.


Terminal Low Potential – Type 4

Free voltage contacts with module IGS-PTM + IR-B8 relay board. For remote signalization to external control system.


Terminal Low Potential – Type 6

Free voltage contacts with module IGS-PTM + IR-B8 relay board. For remote signalization to external control system.


Differential Protection

Adjustable differential protection external to the control board. AC & DC sensitive.


Air Shut-Off Valve

Automatic generator stop system when engine overruns in environments rich of hydrocarbons.


Fuel/Water Separator Filter

Additional filters for higher engine safety when fuels suffer high contamination.


Heay Duty Air Filter

HDF allows work in dusty environments lengthening maintenance intervals.


Exhaust Spark Arrestor ATEX certified

ESA prevents the emission of flammable debris from combustion sources and allows working in ATEX Zone 2.


Galvanized Sliding Skid

A galvanized skid base to easy moving the generator on particular grounds like sandy ones. The galvanization increases the resistance of the skid base from wear by the elements.


Quick Fit Fuel Connectors

Two accessible fuel connectors places in the base frame of the generator. The quick fit fuel connectors allow a faster fuel piping connection and an easier generator installation.


Pre-Heating System

Pre-Heating System is a system for cold environments maintaining the engine at a temperature and ensuring a quick start-up when required, especially for stand-by applications.



STR – A site-tow trailer for non-road use such as building sites, big industrial areas, large and remote working sites.
RTR-A – A EU homologated road-tow trailer with fix drawbar.
RTR-B – A EU homologated road-tow trailer with height adjustable drawbar.