Generac Mobile®, in partnership with Trackunit®, is now offering a simple and dynamic service to help customers all over the world track, map and monitor fleets in real time. You can now watch, document and remotely control every movement of your Generac Mobile® lighting tower through laptop, PC or mobile – wherever you are, whatever time of day. Receive up-to-the-minute service notifications, general warnings and engine alerts*.

All the Generac Mobile® lighting towers equipped with a GTL digital controller are available with the Trackunit® Telemetry System option.

We can offer all our customers the opportunity to remotely manage their entire fleet of lighting towers by checking in real time their position (via GPS) and the status of engine, battery, lamps and so on. Through the Telemetry System it is also possible to set warning alarms to activate when the unit is moved and track it via GPS. Finally, the Telemetry System can automatically advise the fleet manager everytime maintenance is required.

Through an optional feature, the operator can also turn on and off the engine remotely, a very useful function especially when there is a high number of lighting towers or they are placed far from the operators.


You will just need a device connected to the Internet line to track and manage all your lighting towers all over the world!

Check daily reports on your fleet and receive an email message everytime one of your units requires a programmed maintenance.

Set different kind of warning alarms to prevent thefts and unauthorized usage, and track your units when lost.

Check the on/off status of engine, lamps and alarms, as well as other data including fuel level and utilization percentage. All data will be made available on your device whenever you need it.


Generac Mobile® provides you a series of video tutorials to learn how to make the most of Trackunit® Telemetry System.