Pioneering Specialist Water Technology at Plantworx

  • June 7, 2019
  • Emiliano Terzi

At Plantworx 2019 Generac Mobile® and Ace Plant will be joining forces to showcase a range of dust suppression products to demonstrate how dust control systems units can play a critical role in providing cleaner air on construction sites.

On show will be the DF 7500 Mobile Power Tank (MPT) from Generac Mobile- a strong and independent dust control unit equipped with fog canon, generating set and 2000 litre water tank.

As part of its commitment to bring to market sustainable onsite solutions, the robust dust suppression unit is ideal for use on small to medium sized sites where water and energy are limited. It consumes only 10% water compared to traditional systems and through its powerful fan, the flux of nebulized water can reach up to 40m (even further if wind assisted). Once the integrated generating set is on, the DF 7500 MPT provides continual operation automatically and thanks to the automatic rotation system, it can cover an area of up to 4600 square metres.

Beat Nowrooz, Business & Product Development Manager Generac Mobile® comments: “We have pioneered the use of specialist water technology in all our dust suppression systems. Using nebulized water, the DF Dust Suppression units are totally unique as the systems can capture and trap particles less than 80microns.

The use of this specialist water technology reduces the environmental impact due to less water being used compared to traditional methods and its much quicker at capturing the dust before it expands into the air.

The Generac® Dust Fighters range will support site teams in delivering effective and proactive dust management strategies particularly following the launch of the UK government’s Clean Air Strategy earlier this year.

With ten models now available, the Generac® DF Ecology range has proven popular on rail, quarry and construction sites as operators look to new and innovative products which help reduce and control air pollution from toxic air-borne particles.

At the event, on stand JF7, Ace Plant will be showcasing a comprehensive product set for hardworking construction sites, including the Generac® DF 7500 MPT and the DF Smart compact units.

Lawrie White, Hire and Marketing Project Coordinator at Ace Plant commented: “Activities such as earthworks, demolition and building, along with onsite transport and manoeuvring of plant machinery across sites, have been cited as some of the main causes which generate high levels of dust.

We want to support site managers in specifying the right equipment which will help them manage dust, particularly as we head into summer, and support their process in developing clean air strategies.

Construction sites in the UK are amongst some of the major contributors to air pollution, responsible for 7.5% of nitrogen oxide emissions, 8% of large particle emissions and 14.5% of emissions of the most dangerous fine particles.*

The dust suppression systems of Generac Mobile® are suitable for a variety of applications, such as demolition works, mining sites, odour suppression in waste dumps, aggregate production or recycling, environmental repairs and much more. The smallest units, DF Mini and DF Mini Duo, are ideal also for asbestos removal and can be used for indoor works.

Plantworx 2019 is the UK’s dedicated working construction event with a showcase of Plant, Tools, Equipment & Services. The show will be held from June 11th to 13th at the East Of England Arena, Peterborough.