Generac Introduces New Chilean Dealer

  • July 11, 2017
  • Matteo Girardi


Since 1972, Emaresa has been a company concentrated on construction, mining and forestry machinery. Now with ten commercial divisions and over 400 employees, Emaresa will participate in the Chilean power generation & mobile market as Generac’s newest industrial dealer in Santiago, Chile. Already equipped with a variety of stationary generators from Italy, Brazil and China, the company will work to cover the backup, on-demand and continuous power needs of Generac’s mobile, industrial and residential consumer base. They will also benefit from working with a network of Chilean subdealers that will aid in their distribution efforts throughout the region.

Emaresa was born in 1972 from company Robert Bosh of Chile, in order to concentrate on a different company all its activity related to machinery for construction, mining and forestry. In 1982, the company in the midst of economic crisis, drives and opens to the lease of construction machinery and the year 1987 began under construction equipment manufacturing. For the beginning of the 90s, the company is now manufacturing bridge crane. Its growth to the year 1993 creates the need to move to a more spacious place, for what new 34 thousand square meters, welcomed 6 thousand square meters of warehouses and a corporate building thousand 700 square meters, the headquarters of the parent company until today.

In 2008, the Generation Division was created and later the offer was expanded with lifting, supplementing a comprehensive range of products and services. In 2011, Emaresa acquired Inamar, leading company in the market of lifting equipment, valves for power plants and mining equipment. This involves the birth of Emaresa as a group and the start of work on the generation of synergies. In 2013, another great step: Emaresa opens a branch in Lima Peru, internationalizing the operations and thus open their projections beyond the border of the country.

Thus, today ten commercial environments integrated by a highly trained team of 900 people, gives life today to Emaresa. A company where entrepreneurship, long-term vision and the consequence of their values, are and will be their main factors of success.