El-Björn and Generac Mobile®: cooperation agreement for Sweden and Norway.

  • September 12, 2017
  • Matteo Girardi

Generac Mobile® Expands Across the Nordics

Generac Mobile® has signed an exclusive dealer agreement with the leading construction and electrical contractor in the Nordic territories, El-Björn AB, to further strengthen its brand profile and upscale its offer to provide efficient mobile and power solutions.

The two companies reached a mutual distribution agreement for primary Swedish and Norwegian territories, which will take effect from Q3 2017.

Generac | Tower Light has been operating in the territory for over ten years when it launched the compact Link Tower.

The union between Generac Mobile® and El-Björn AB will create an unrivalled comprehensive product and service package for customers as pressure mounts on construction companies and electrical contractors to offer efficient and sustainable temporary power and light solutions.

El-Björn AB will introduce a range of new products as part of its agreement with Generac Mobile®. This will include efficient V20 towerlight, the ultra-compact LINKT3 and the latest and revolutionary 360 soft light, the Link-UFO.

All products will be made available to construction and hire markets throughout 2017 and beyond, and will be supported by maintenance and service capabilities.

Based in Sweden, El-Björn AB employs 115 people, the company manufactures and provides market complete solutions for Power, Lighting and Climate control.

Alessandro Rossi, Managing Director of Generac Mobile®, said: “As part of our strategic growth, we are very excited about this agreement and El-Björn AB will be a valuable addition to our global network.

“The two companies are firmly committed to deliver innovative and environmentally friendly products to customers and with our keen attention to detail and customer service focus, it means customers will now benefit from greater product availability along with faster and efficient service with local access.”

We are proud to welcome El-Björn to our group! Together to define ever-higher standards of service and sales to Nordic customers.