Dust Fighters against extreme weather conditions in Siberia

  • September 28, 2018

Generac DF Units fighting extreme weather conditions and temperature variances

Generac Mobile® has been chosen by a leading Russian mining company to operate in an extreme mining environment where temperatures can drop as low as -30℃.

Drawing on its 20+ year heritage of working with global companies and deploying products across a range of environments, Generac has supplied two DF 20000 Dust Suppression Units.


The Zabaykalsky Krai mine, located in south east Siberia and part of the historic Transbaikalia region which borders China and Mongolia, is one of the toughest mines in the world due to the extreme weather conditions and temperature variances.

Coal currently accounts for 23%* of Russia’s electricity consumption, despite increases in gas and hydroelectric production. The country’s 2020 Energy Strategy is focused on reaching a better quality of fuel and energy mix through safety and energy effectiveness by reducing impact on the environment and providing more sustainable operations and competitiveness.

The Challenge

The mining operator required Dust Suppression units to suppress coal dust during the crushing, screening and storage process by preventing the coal from dehydrating. A second application for dust suppression was required during the unloading of the coal slag to prevent airborne pollution where the coal dust can reach a height of 35 meters.

It was essential that any plant used on site would help the mine operator meet sustainably targets for pollution and provide a safe and clean environment for miners. The units also had to be adapted for temperature variances, due to the extreme Siberian operating environment where averages can reach a high of -5℃ in that region.

The Solution

Generac worked closely with the customer to understand and define their key needs. It was agreed that the DF 20000 was the most suitable and robust unit in the DF dust suppression range with a maximum coverage of up to 60 metres, making it ideal for the mining environment.

It can be fitted with remote control for complete autonomous use in isolated locations and it is fitted with a towable trailer enabling it to be easily transported across site where dust suppression is needed.

To ensure the units would operate in the sub-zero temperatures, Generac installed an Arctic Kit to the standard DF 20000.

The Arctic Kit adaptations included an internal thermostat which kicks in when temperatures drop below the specified range. With a simple switch, heating cables can be turned on and prevent the nebulized water in the pipes and on nozzles, from freezing during storage and when in operation. The electrical engine and pumps on the DF 20000 were also certified to operate in the minus temperatures.

Generac further customised the units to incorporate the Russian flag and ensured that all technical and operational information was translated into the native language. Onsite training provided operators in the mine with confidence and ease of use post installation.

What does the future look like?

Initial use of the dust suppression units has seen a dramatic reduction of dust pollution compared to traditional methods such as water hoses which were used on site. The Generac DF dust suppression units have now been included on preferred suppliers’ listings for the major coal mining corporation and Generac is currently exploring other uses for the range in the territory.

Yosef Bronfman, Area Sales Manager for Russia, C.I.S., East & Nordic Europe said: “This was an exciting project to be involved with due to the harsh operating environment of the mine but also due to the physical environment where the units were installed.  We worked closely with our customers to develop a unique solution. The result is that through our products, we are able to provide a safer, cleaner and environmentally friendly mine.”