Dealership Agreement with Mitra Central Asia (MCA) Group LLP

  • October 3, 2018
  • Matteo Girardi

Generac Mobile® Signs New Dealership Agreement with Mitra Central Asia (MCA) Group LLP

Generac Mobile® is proud to announce that Mitra Central Asia (MCA) Group LLP, has been signed as a partner which will broaden the profile of Generac Mobile®’ core ranges in Kazakhstan.

The new agreement covers the distribution of mobile lighting towers and dewatering pumps with exclusive aftersales service and spare parts sales.

Headquartered in Kurmangazy, Mitra Central Asia (MCA) Group, has been a long-standing partner of Generac Mobile® for many years. The company MCA, sells a wide range of products that fit into various sectors, such as:

  • manufacturing and commercial activities,
  • oil and gas industry,
  • construction,
  • road construction,
  • repair and service organizations,
  • private buyers who are interested, for example, in the sale of electric generators.

The MCA not only sells these products but also provides a range of services, including:

  • maintenance,
  • warranty and post-warranty
  • maintenance of machinery and equipment,
  • rental of special equipment,
  • delivery of goods throughout the Russian Federation.

MCA has been operating in the CIS market for over 7 years. We take this opportunity to thank Mr. Igor Galdin, General Director of MCA Group, and his team, for their continued expertise and professionalism that has firmly distinguished them in driving sales and service for our products. We would like to extend our best wishes for future success and we are very confident this new agreement will bring mutual benefit to both companies.