An interview to our dealer Modern Machinery Far East

  • September 9, 2021
  • Emiliano Terzi

Modern Machinery Far East is one of the largest suppliers of equipment and spare parts in the Russian Far East, and an official distributor of Generac Mobile and other important brands in the mining and construction industry, like Komatsu, Sennebogen, Manitou and BOMAG.

In 29 years of activity in Russia, Modern Machinery Far East has supplied more than for thousand units of equipment. Among the customers of the company are more than a thousand mining, construction, road, port, logging and communal enterprises of the Russian Far East. Modern Machinery Far East provides comprehensive support for enterprises – support for projects from scratch, maintenance of equipment at the facilities during the entire period of operation, monitoring of the fleet and analysis of its performance, as well as training of specialists. Since December 2016, the only Reman center in the Russian Far East has been operating in Magadan – a plant for restoring Komatsu equipment components to new condition. Reman is a joint venture between Modern Machinery Far East and Komatsu. The launch of the plant has helped many enterprises to significantly reduce equipment downtime and the cost of restoring it to work. The work of Modern Machinery Far East is a high-quality and efficient service. The company has a network of warehouses with a total volume of 5 billion rubles with the constant availability of spare parts – more than 90% of the demanded nomenclature. On the territory of Modern Machinery Far East, there are 20 service centers with round-the-clock support, and the network of service divisions continues to expand. The company employs more than 350 mechanics who regularly undergo training at certified Komatsu training centers. Modern Machinery Far East supplies equipment and spare parts to the regions of the Russian Far East: Magadan Region, Sakhalin Region, Kamchatka Territory, Chukotka Autonomous District, Oymyakonsky Ulus of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The delivery area of Komatsu warehouse equipment is even wider and includes the Khabarovsk Territory, the Amur Region and all regions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The head office of Modern Machinery Far East is located in Magadan. Branches of the company operate in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Khabarovsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Below, an interview to Evgeniy Nikitin, Sales representative of PSSR department, that has been published in the important Russian magazine Добывающая промышленность (Extractive Industry) in August 2021:

How would you describe the main strengths of Modern Machinery Far East on the territory?

Modern Machinery Far East is a modern, technological company. Further development of the company is impossible without a close-knit professional team of like-minded people, aimed at self-improvement in the implementation of new ambitious projects. One of the criteria for working with customers is maximum customer focus: providing services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
These are in particular:
– Delivery, assembly and commissioning of equipment in the shortest possible time.
– Warranty and post-warranty support, service, repair of equipment and units.
– Restoration of Komatsu components to new condition.
– Training of the customer’s specialists.

Why did you choose Generac Mobile as a partner, and how did this cooperation start?

The equipment portfolio presented by Modern Machinery Far East was not fully equipped with mobile lighting positions. Due to the operation of the equipment mainly in cold climatic zones, there was a lack of mobile solutions for safe heating. In some cases, with the integrated approach of Modern Machinery Far East’s work with the customer, the issues of equipping with dust suppression equipment were not fully resolved. Among the manufacturers of this equipment, Generac Mobile has a wide range and reliable technical solutions. Another advantage of Generac Mobile is the availability of a local branch for obtaining certifications in Russia and marketing support. In addition, this partner’s global presence makes it possible to supply equipment from multiple factories, taking advantage of the equipment / logistics benefits.

What kind of equipment is involved in this cooperation, and what is the main application/industry sector?

At this stage, our company is promoting lighting towers in cold climatic versions: arctic wiring, additional heating and automatic control of the lighting towers together with six powerful LED floodlights (model “VMAX”) make it a truly effective mobile solution. In our opinion, today this model is an excellent alternative to the common masts with halogen lamps. Generac Mobile models allow us to quickly and flexibly configure individual installations, taking into account the wishes of the customer, from programmable behavior to connection to dispatch systems. This partner can also offer a wide range of mobile generators, ideal for temporary jobs in remote areas where there is no electricity. The GMS series includes a large number of high-performance generator models with a wide range of options for cold working conditions. Also, the excellent flameless heater solutions are a great way to organize safe field repairs of mining machines in harsh climatic conditions.

Please tell us about a case history of Generac Mobile equipment on which you performed sale and maintenance services with your customers.

This is the first year of close interaction with Generac Mobile equipment, in which we, as a company that has been working with our customers for many years, see a prospect. Reliability of components and assemblies, flexibility of engineering solutions and manufacturer’s support are the main key features of their products. Deals for the supply of mobile lighting towers and heaters are in progress. I cannot reveal details, but we are planning to commission lighting towers and heaters in 2021.

Which developments do you expect in the next future in your industry and what perspective do you have for your cooperation with Generac Mobile?

At the moment, we are present at the largest projects in the mining and construction industries in the territory of our distribution and we plan to increase the volume of comprehensive customer support in solving production problems.
We see the basis for future development with Generac Mobile in the expansion of the market for the supply of mobile solutions for flameless heating and lighting in the Far North. With the development of our customers’ projects, we are ready to support their needs. Reliable and flexible solutions from Generac Mobile are the key to improving the efficiency of our customers.

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