1997: when everything started

  • May 20, 2017
  • Emiliano Terzi

In the beginning, Tower Light S.r.l. was a very small family company based on three people, 3 workers, which they produced only mobile lighting trailers, without engine and with a very basic design. Those units, despite to the very primitive style, were recognized since the beginning as solid and robust, reliable.

Since the beginning, we based our philosophy on a “customer oriented” vision, always meeting the tendencies of the industry and all special needs of our end users. In 1999, after only two year from the establishment, we were already touching 2 million Euro turnover, with a structure of only 10 workers.

The milestone moment was the year 2003, an year of change for Tower Light, when in Europe the need for safety in construction sites became mandatory; we created the first mobile lighting tower with vertical telescopic mast: the Superlight VT-1 (still today in our catalogue), first in the industry. This was the real milestone, the turning point: our turnover grew up to 9 million Euro in short time!

The success was globally clear; the turnover grew from year to year without stop, without fears! Even during the years of European economic crisis, we continued to invest in human capital increasing the number of workers in countertendency to others competitors. Thanks to our positive mind, a great quality product’s portfolio, we overtake that period brilliantly and despite the general contraction of the market in Europe, we introduced and launched the first stationary version of a lighting tower: the Hydro Power Cube.

The days that followed, represented the beginning of our golden period: our turnover grew thanks to a stronger commercial structure, based on Area Sales Managers and local dealers. Products became more and more professional and reliable: the turnover touched the threshold of 20 million Euro and the employment rate touched the level of 80 active units. We finally understood that our portfolio of products (Light Towers, Pumps and Dust Fighters) represents a perfect combination of values, the perfect answer for major European Rental Companies. With these new opportunities in the world of rental, in a few years our turnover broke through the ceiling of 40 million Euro. This period was marking for us another milestone, first in this industry: the introduction of LED technology.

To get now to our days.

Year 2013: Generac Power Systems (Generac) acquired Tower Light. Generac Mobile®, Generac Mobile® was born, new name, same old solid values: now proudly part of the Generac world.

The employees grew and broke the quota of 100 active units; R&D was dramatically improved and empowered. First in the industry to introduce in these days the hybrid mobile light tower, VT-Hybrid.

Today we are celebrating the 20 years anniversary, 20 years of success, 20 years of indisputable economic growth. 20 years always looking at the improvement of the professionality of our team and quality of our products. Today we are celebrating our twentieth anniversary, presenting our new and latest creation: the V20 mobile light tower, a condensate of style, history and technology, never seen to this day.

Everything started from those first three pioneers in 1997 and today, after 20 years we are 120 people all part of the same family: proudly Generac still with Tower Light in our heart.