CUBE PRO lighting tower

CUBE PRO is not just a new lighting tower, but the authentic and unique “ALL IN ONE” product. It embodies all the innovations and new technologies that Generac Mobile® has developed in over 20 years at the top of the industry as manufacturer. Generac Mobile® has brought together all the Rental needs, in one single product.
CUBE PRO is equipped with Hyper LED technology that will ensure our users an easy orientation of lighting heads, from front to all-round configuration in minutes. CUBE PRO has been designed following the most actual sustainability path and offers global connectivity for remote control.


CUBE PRO is truly the Complete Solution, the only one to offer altogether: the future, with 100% battery-powered supply; the present, with the latest generation Generac Mobile® hybrid power supply; the tradition, with low consumption diesel engines. All in one model.

Generac LED floodlights

4×150 W high efficiency HYPER LED floodlights designed by Generac Mobile®.

Anti-glare floodlights

The Hyper® floodlights can be equipped with optional antiglare shells to create soft, ambient light for use on special applications like roadworks, airports and where light pollution must be kept to a minimum.

Control panel

Control panel with digital controller and easy Function Selector:

  • Off
  • On
  • Manual mode
  • Darkness sensor
  • Timer 4 h
  • Timer 8 h


Connectivity pack is the possibility to manage through a Telemetry system a huge amount of information coming from CUBE PRO directly from your office or smartphone: geolocation, remote analysis of electrical and mechanical engine measures, maintenance intervals, remote alarms, error codes and many others.

You will just need a device connected to the Internet to program maintenance activities, check daily status, track your units and set warning alarms to prevent thefts and unauthorized usage.

Through an optional feature, it is also possible turning on and off the engine remotely: a very useful function especially when there is a high number of lighting towers or they are placed far from the operators.


The squared shape allows to load up to 22 units on a 13 metres truck, and up to 18 units on a 40′ container.


Minimum dimensions (L x W x H) 1220 x 1150 x 2420 mm
Maximum dimensions (L x W x H) 1790 x 1740 x 8400 mm
Dry weight 1200 kg
Lifting system Hydraulic
Mast rotation 340°
Lamps power 4 x 150 W
Lamps type Hyper LED
Total lumen 87000 lm
Illuminated area Up to 2500 m2
Engine Kubota Z482
Engine cooling Liquid
Cylinders (q.ty) 2
Engine speed (50/60 Hz) 1500 / 1800 rpm
Liquid containment (110%)
Alternator (kVA/V/Hz) 5/220/50 – 5/240/60
Battery recharging time 6 h 15′
Running time with battery 7 h 30′
Running time with engine 195 h
Running time with hybrid mode 426 h
Inlet plug (A/V/Hz) 16/220/50 – 16/240/60
Avg. sound pressure 0 – 58 dB(A) @ 7m
Wind speed resistance 80 km/h
Tank capacity 170 l


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