DF Mini Duo

The Dust Fighter DF Mini Duo is a special version of the DF Mini joined to a satellite with a second spryer. The spryers can work together or alternatively. The Mini DF Duo is provided with a 15 meters pipe to be connected to the satellite; longer pipes are available on request.

It’s ideal for indoor works like indoor demolitions and renewals, and also for asbestos removal, since the absence of a fan allows the operator to suppress the asbestos dust without moving it in the air.

Standard Equipment

  • Second head on telescopic tripod
  • Stainless steel 70 litres water tank
  • 3 interchangeable type of nozzles for different coverages
  • Wheels and handles for transport
  • High pressure pump
  • Signal for low water level
  • Closable for an easy transport
  • Manually adjustable nozzles spray angle


  • Connection from the water supply network

DF Mini Duo

Pump 230V – 50 Hz – 2,6 A Kw 0,55 – 100 bar
Nozzles spray angle From 80° to 150°
Tilting head High 25° – Lower 15°
Supplied with 3 different nozzles
High: Distance 8 m + 8 m
Duration 60 min.
Coverage 166 sqm
Med: Distance 7 m + 7 m
Duration 1 h 12 min.
Coverage 128 sqm
Low: Distance 5 m + 5m
Duration 2 h – 40 min.
Coverage 66 sqm
Tank capacity 70 l
Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 710 x 600 x 1.300/2.150 mm
Dry weight (main unit + tripod) 70 kg + 10 kg
DF Mini Duo


  • Mining
  • Demolition
  • Environmentally Friendly

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